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Virtual Attendee Participation in Q&A

You will be able to interact with the presenters through our use of will allow you to ask questions of the presenters. We will have a moderator on-site that will facilitate the ask of the top questions. As questions are asked on the platform you will be able to "like" the questions you think are important so that they float to the top of the Q&A box. There will be a different page for each session as seen below. Each session will have a special code. 

Test out the use of to ensure you are able to use it correctly below

Step 1: You can join by clicking the link here:

Step 2: Enter the code RACIEtest

Connect to the Official RACIE Symposium

Step 1: When the Symposium begins you can join by clicking the link here:

Step 2: Enter the code RACIE

Step 3: Chose the "room" according to the current session. Please review the session times here

Step 4: Pose a question through at anytime. Virtual Questions will be reflected upon during the panel discussion after the speakers have finished for the session. The more "thumbs up" that a question receives the higher it will rank for an answer during the time we have. A moderator will be sharing key questions with the chairs and the speakers. Room Choices

Learn more about using

Please watch the informational video below for further explanation.